Organizing Student Data: Reading Data Template

Reading Data Template: use this sheet while compiling and analyzing reading data (perhaps at the end of each quarter).
Here is what the form might look like with teacher notes (in italics):

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Reading Data Sheet

DRA level and date
10/7: 34 (F &P)
Appropriate Text Level
N, O, P
State Test ScoreFiction
Proficient – 330
State Test ScoreNon-Fiction
Partially Proficient – 290
State Test ScorePoetry
Partially Proficient – 305

Assessment of 5 Components

Fluency (rate and phrasing)
9/17: 27 words per minute (level O text)
10/5: 34 words per minute (level N text)
Phonics and Phonemic Awareness
10/10: all phonics ok
10/10: needs to work on context clues (reading goal)
10/15: improving with context clues – deduced meaning of “pavement”
Comprehension (implicit, explicit, summary, main idea)
10/7: Explicit comprehension great – 5 of 5 questions. Implicit comprehension fair – 2 of 5.
10/9: Implicit comprehension guided reading group
10/22: Implicit comp. improving – 4 of 5 questions. Still having trouble purchase cheap viagra identifying main idea
Attitude and Confidence about reading
10/17: Expressing boredom with books. Interested in non-fiction only.
10/25: Found interesting book: The Witches. Will do author study on Roald Dahl.


Next steps – appropriate goals and strategies

  • - identifying main idea
  • - author studies
  • - using context clues